Hello Everyone!

I love cover reveals and this one is particularly special, as it is for SC Gowland's upcoming book Darkness Falls, and is the culmination of The Soul's Abyss series.

This is another of my favourite series and ever since Steve asked me to read his first book The Dark Crown, I have just adored this trilogy. I mean it's got giant Panthers in it and is just a brilliant story.

So when I found out that the new one is out soon, I was proper excieted.

Well, I can tell you folks that it is out in December and is currently available for Pre order. If you are new to the blog, I reviewed the first and second of these books (you can read the post for  The Dark Crown here, and also Coven of Shadows).

Now onto the Reveal itself! 

If you have seen these reveals before you know that I am going to tell you about the book, don't you? You know, build up the drama!


The end is near. Souls and kingdoms fall into darkness. Three heroes must fight off the shadows and restore light to the world.

Within the walls of Zapomniane prison, Kaoldan schemes to escape. He has a promise to fulfil, and nothing will stop him.

Meanwhile, Romina battles to survive against Otan forces. When a stranger offers her a way out, she must decide whether to save herself or stand against the evil that threatens the world.

Zahara has left her loved ones behind. She bears a secret that might destroy her - and the realm. The enemy relentlessly hunts her, determined to take back what she stole. If they succeed, all is lost.

Fates collide and the light shines anew in the epic conclusion to the first SOULS' ABYSS trilogy.


Epic Fantasy at its best!”

The final confrontation is an epic battle that rivals any in fantasy...”

Definitely recommend this book as it has everything you could possibly want from a fantasy book.”

And now, lets show you the cover!






There we have it folks! That is pretty damn gorgeous isn't it? I love the combination of reds and blacks and I tell you, I am really excited to read this one.

It is currently available for Pre - Order and you can follow the Link to the appropriate page. 

And if you haven't read the first two, Steve Gowland is going to be doing a giveaway of the first two books on his twitter page @SteveGowland where you can win the first two books if you pre order Darkness Falls. Keep a beady eye out on Twitter.

Well, I have to leave you now, and it has been lovely to have the opportunity to show offf this glorious cover in all its glory! Thank you for reading!


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