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One of the things that I like to do before I say yes, is to check out that an author's work fits in with the stuff that I read (I do have a wide reading range, but there has been occasions where sometimes things haven't worked out). So, a couple of things that I think you should know. 

1. Timeframe - I will try to give an estimated timeframe to getting a review out or reading your book, although I may not always be able to fit them in that time (mainly because I work full time)., or if I have some previous reviewing obligations (however, this changes, if I think I can fit them in!) 

2. I don't usually post a review if its anything below a three star on Goodreads (however, I don't usually use stars on the site, but obviously I have to on goodreads and Amazon) 

3. I post on Goodreads, and Amazon as well as my website, and also on Instagram) 

4. If I am not getting along with the book, I will let you know and maybe we could look at another way to get some exposure for your book (something like an interview or a guest post). I am not saying this would happen, but in these cases, I like a bit of a backup plan. It maybe that just because I don't fit with a book, it doesn't mean others won't. 

5. Obviously, all opinions are my own, so if there is some part of a book that I don't think fits or I didn't get along with, I may make reference to it. Although my aim is not to be negative, I may say something that you may not agree with. 

6. I read on kindle so .mobi is preferred (or any other of the Amazon file types). However, I can work with other file types. I also read physical books as well.

I hope this helps. I try to give clear expectations to authors who have done so much work with their books and whilst I recognise that most of those points cover negative aspects, I try to be up front with people, so it gives a decent working relationship. 

Please note. 

I am not accepting review requests at the moment.

Sorry about that! 

Unfortunately, I am fulfilling previous requests.

Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Hello!

    I have a Cover Reveal coming up on Jan. 8th for a fantasy novel. Sue Bavey suggested I ask if you would be interested in being part of that?

    I'll put the blurb here just for extra measure:

    Sorceress of the Dryads

    Blurb: When the corrupted elven prince, Anakrim, takes the throne in the aftermath of the deaths of King Orenduil and Queen Alaria and promises the elven people the return of their long-lost magic, the forests of Elethri begin to languish…

    The dryads and Tara-lin must join their magic as never before to bring his menace to an end in a way consistent with their natures and the healing of the forests. In the midst of the upheaval, Tara-lin finds herself in a position of influence she never wanted. With the help of the dryads, she must find and stay true to her song and try to lead the elves to discover and nurture their individual magic.

    Thanks for your time,

    -Raina Nightingale


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