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Mirror in Time by D. Ellis Overttun

Hello everyone, today I have a review of Mirror in Time by D.Ellis Overttun, a time travelling yarn that I read earlier this week. I would like to thank D. Ellis Overttun for sending me a copy of his latest book to review.   As the sun sets, eerie contrails appear on the dome of the firmament, ghostly streaks that have replaced the stars that should fill the night sky. These “ribbons in the sky” appeared 70 years ago. Since that time, planet Arkos has experienced increasing climatic and seismic activity.  Jo’el is the director of the Jomo Langma Mountain Observatory, a high altitude astronomical facility situated atop its namesake. Tasked with finding a solution to this problem, he has concluded something outside the universe is tearing apart the very fabric of space time. He has also discovered a gateway to another universe. Sadly, any pathway to this portal has now become compromised. The solution? Go back in time and engineer a planetary exodus to

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