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Cover Reveal - L.A. Wasielewski - Unseen: The Mercer Nox Story

  Good Morning (well afternoon in this neck of the woods😂) Today, I join a number of bloggers in a cover reveal. This one is for a new book by L.A. Wasielewski and is set in the same world as The Alchemist Trilogy.      So, before I show you the cover, here is some information about the book. The cover was designed by Designer: Gabriela--BRoseDesignz (Twitter: @designzrose), and it is due to be released in July.  Book info:   Title: Unseen: The Mercer Nox Story (An Alchemist Trilogy Tale)  By: L.A. Wasielewski  Release date: July 20, 2022 E-book will be available for pre-order: July 1, 2022 Designer: Gabriela--BRoseDesignz Twitter: @designzrose Description What did life give me? Torment. Grief. A scarred soul. Did I deserve it? Maybe. Did I welcome it? Maybe… Call me cursed, arrogant, bitter. Call me whatever you want. I know my place in this world, I know where I stand with the Goddess. I know how I ended up here, what I did. What I didn’t do. It haunts me, but the

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