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Today, I join Zooloo's Book Tours again to have a look at Glennis Goodwin's new book, The Papyrus of Ma'at, the fourth book in the Gods of Chaos series which was  released in APRIL 2024.


Fifteen years have passed since the demons of the great snake god, Apep, stood before the high city walls. In this fourth book in The Gods of Chaos series, peace has returned to the north and to the eight great cities that hold the Deities of the Primordial Chaos.

Yet, Shuma, the wise woman, still lives in fear and the past remains with her as the curse cast by the serpent god upon the name of Gallius, the warden, blights the lives of her children.

Fearing for her girls and being enlightened by her dreams, she persuades Gallius that they must leave the north and travel under the guidance of the gods. Heading south, they are tasked with seeking the Scroll of Truth and lift the words that taint their lives.


After the down beat ending of Book Two, we return to the familiar characters of Shuma and Galius as they try to remove the Curse of Apep that was bestowed upon them by the High Priest of the Brotherhood of Apep, Serdos.

In the Papyrus of Ma’at, we reunite with Shuma fifteen years after the events of book two as she is plagued by a vision of Malian who brings her the Scroll of Truth, and gives her the directive to undertake a journey to remove the curse from Gallius and his family.

Once again, Glenni Goodwin writes an engaging fantasy tale that includes quests and gods to bring a tale of love and loyalty to the reader.

Once you get past the formal language that Glennis Goodwin uses to tell her tales, the stories are actually quite good, and this fourth instalment was no less engaging than all the rest of her books in this series, and it is nice to see a fantasy story that uses Ancient Egypt as its backdrop rather than the familiar worlds that we are all used to.

As usual the characters are all great and you cannot help rooting for them in their quest to banish the curse that affects Gallius’s family.

In addition to that, it is great seeing all the different gods that are involved. I really like the inclusion of the different Egyptian deities that make an appearance. 



Glennis Goodwin is a British author who has long held an interest in the myths and
culture of the Ancient Egyptians. Along with that, the people of southern Africa have
also been of interest and in the early 1980s, she was fortunate to live and work in
Zambia. While there, she became involved with organising charity events through
the Lioness Club which helped in fundraising activities for the local community. This
she did for five years before returning to the UK in 1987.
In her working life, she has gone from Nursing to Retail and from Academic
Publishing to PA, but during that time she never lost the feeling that Africa gave her,
and, in those years, she had holidays in both Egypt and Kenya.
In 2004, she aimed to return to her nursing career and enrolled in New Zealand on a
refresher course. Settling into life on the other side of the world, she continued to
further her career, met her husband and made her home there.
Sadly, a brain haemorrhage and slight stroke ended her study, but after her
recovery, she found herself wanting to write, something she had longed to do but
never seemed to have the time for. Returning to the UK in 2017, she settled down at
her computer, and over the following months, the tales of the Eight Deities of the
Primordial Chaos came to life in the story of Malian, the altar tender. Her first book,
The Eighth Deity, then came into being and The Gods of Chaos series was born.
Now living in a Nottinghamshire village, she has since written Brotherhood of Apep,
and In the Footsteps of Ra, her second and third books in the series, and her fourth
title, The Papyrus of Ma’at, is published here. Currently, she is working on a fifth title
in the series along with hoping to further expand her writing. Still using the
knowledge gained from her trips to Egypt, she is looking into an Ancient Egyptian
murder mystery story set on the banks of the Nile

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