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Today, I join Zooloo's Book Tours again to have a look at Keith Anthony Baird's new book, SIN:thetica, which was released yesterday, 21 MAY 2024.

About the Book

The Sino-Nippon war is over.
It is 2113 and Japan is crushed under the might of Chinese-Allied Forces.
A former Coalition Corps soldier, US Marine Balaam Hendrix is now a feared bounty
hunter known as ‘The Reverend’.
In the sprawl of NeuTokyo, on this lawless frontier, he must track down the rogue
employee of a notorious crime lord.
But, there’s a twist.
His target has found protection inside a virtual reality construct and Hendrix must go
cyber-side to corner his quarry. The glowing neon signs for SIN:THETICA are
everywhere, and promise escape from a dystopian reality.
But will it prove the means by which this hunter snares his prey, or will it be the trap
he simply can’t survive? 



Balaam Hendrix, ex soldier of the Sino – Nipon war is now living in the urban sprawl of Neu- Tokyo. Run by gangsters, the town has taken everything from Hendrix, including his wife and daughter. Making his living as the infamous Bounty Hunter, The Reverend, Hendrix is hired by notorious crime boss, Vargas to find an employee who has stolen from him. The case will lead him from the mean streets of Neu Tokyo, to the digital world of SIN:thetica to find his mark.

Hard Boiled, brutal and with enough profanity to make a trooper blush and run for his mummy. Keith Anthony Baird tries to keep the body count to a maximum in his new book SIN:thetica.

Throughout the book, Baird builds a world of neon lights and a grimy underworld, keeping the prose as lean as 5% mince as he focuses on the story. There is no time to bother with exposition as Hendrix shoots and explodes everyone in his way to find his mark.

Overall, this is an enjoyable sci fi thriller reminiscent of action films of the eighties that centres on the main character and his no holds barred action to get the job done. Fans of sci fi action thrillers will enjoy this story as the book races towards its end.



Keith’s Bio

Keith Anthony Baird has written a number of works, all of which can be found using
your browser - get busy!
He lives in Cumbria, in the United Kingdom, on the edge of the Lake District National

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