Adiel and the Führer



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Adiel and the Führer

A chance to prevent the rise of Hitler… but at what cost?

Adiel Goldstein has a good life. Despite the anti-Semitism he faces as a German Jew, he has everything he wants. A dream job as an art professor, good friends, a loving father, and a precious nine-year-old daughter, Kaia. But his life is about to be upended. An old comrade from his time fighting in the Great War is gaining power: a man named Hitler. Adiel’s father insists that they need to leave the country before Hitler becomes the leader of Germany.

Adiel and his family plan to move to America, but before they can even pack their bags, he and Kaia make a shocking discovery. Adiel’s father, Natan Goldstein, is from the future. A Holocaust survivor who lost his family to unspeakable tragedy, Natan was given the chance to go back in time and take the life of Adolf Hitler. But when he failed to kill the future Führer, he devoted himself to his new family and awaited the inevitable.

Natan can’t face the Holocaust again, but Adiel’s unique connection to Hitler means he might be able to succeed where his father failed. Adiel now has a choice: escape as planned and let history repeat itself, or sacrifice everything to stop the Holocaust before it can begin.

Award winning author Elyse Hoffman has crafted a thought-provoking and daring work of historical fiction which will tug at your heartstrings.

Book Info

Genre: Historical Fiction, German historical fiction

Length: 342 pages

Published: April 2024





Imagine that you had the power to go back in time! What would you do? Would you be like Marty McFly and attempt to change your family’s fortunes in the future, or would you do something more worthwhile. Such as go back, kill baby Hitler, ultimately stopping the atrocities associated with the Holocaust and subsequently avert the death of six million Jewish people that were killed in the Final Solution

It’s a thought exercise that has been posed a number of times and in Adiel and the Führer, Elyse Hoffman explores this concept.

At the beginning of the story we meet Adiel, a young Jewish boy, devoid of friends as he lives in a local German village  prior to the rise of National Socialism in Germany. Adiel gets his first taste of the ever growing anti semantic sentiments.

Moving forward a number of years, we follow Adiel as he is now fully grown and is an art professor at a local university, with a young daughter, Kaia and an indulgent father Natan.

Unbeknown to Adiel, Natan is a time traveller that journeyed in time with the sole intention of killing Hitler before he could turn into the monster that became the leader of the Third Reich and the monster that orchestrated the slaughter associated with the Final Solution.

Upon discovering the truth, Adiel sets in motion a plan that could hopefully succeed where his father failed.

Elyse Hoffman’s latest book, Adiel and the Führer is the third book in the Project  613 series of books that began with The Vengeance of Samuel Val  and Black Fox  One, and whilst Adiel and the Führer references these books, it can be read very much as a standalone book.

Elyse Hoffman competently amalgamates time travel fiction with Jewish folklore and historical fantasy to create a story that has elements of syrupy family drama and a captivating suspense driven tale. Employing characters both factual and fictional, Elyse Hoffman riffs off one of Chaplin’s greatest films to drive the plot to a bitter-sweet conclusion, whilst never glossing over the horrors of the Holocaust and how it affected those that survived.  

Using both history and imagined inspirations, Elyse Hoffman weaves a tale of determination as Adiel and his family try to change the future and save the Jewish People from the extermination camps and hopefully orchestrate a future where millions of deaths are averted.

Adiel and the Führer is an absorbing story of one man’s struggle to avert a bloody and brutal future that will tug at the heart strings. 




Elyse Hoffman is an award-winning author who strives to tell historical tales with new twists. Having studied WWII since the age of thirteen and with interests in fantasy and Jewish folklore, she loves to combine them in her writing. Elyse started writing novels at fourteen and finished her first historical fiction work at fifteen. She has published eight books: five in a series called The Barracks of the Holocaust, and three novels, including The Book of Uriel, Where David Threw Stones, and Fracture. In her spare time, she loves to read, work on pretty keyboards, and hang out with her co-authors - her Goldendoodle Ari and her ex-feral cat, Echo.



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