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Today, I join ZOOLOO'S BOOK TOUR again for the second part of the book tour for Glennis Goodwin's The Gods of Chaos Series.
This time it's....

Following on from “The Eighth Deity,” the continuing tale of Malian, the altar tender takes you north to where Serdos, High Priest of the Brotherhood of Apep, is gathering his men at the High City.

Here he awaits the last Icon Amaunet. Once in place, she unites the Eight Deities of the elemental waters, and Apep, the snake god, can be summoned to rise up and unleash the discord of past times, and once again, chaos shall reign.

However, unknown to Serdos, the great gods have intervened in the fight against the coming disorder.

Amaunet now sits protected, and Malian and his friends are free to journey northward and keep their pledges to each other unaware of the crisis that awaits them.

The Brotherhood of Apep immediately follows on from The Eighth Deity and is the conclusion of the story set out in this book. In the Brotherhood of Apep, we again follow the tale of Malian and the group that set out in The Eighth Diety to retrieve the icon of Amaunet. The second book follows the group as they travel to High City in order to carry out the tasks that were ordered by the gods in the book before. 

As we saw in the first book, The Brotherhood of Apep have become a force that has been attempting to bring about the return of the snake god Apep. 

After the retrieval of the icon that the group set out to return in the Eighth Deity, they must now carry out the rest of the plan and hopefully free Gallius’s daughter, as well as returning the other icons so that balance can be restored.

Again, I really enjoyed this Egyptian inspired fantasy, although this is a different beast from the first book. In this book, we see more of the sinister cult, The Brotherhood of Apep and what their machinations actually are. We see the relationships of the group change and also meet Gallius’s daughter. 

The story in this book is a little bit more static than the first one and mainly centres around the backdrop of the group’s time in High City, although there is some journeying which gives us some insight into the effects that the loss of the icons has on other places.

In the Brotherhood of Apep, Glynis Goodwin concludes the story in a satisfactory manner as storylines and character arcs are tied up neatly, although I really did not expect the ways in some of the arcs are tied up (as River Song would say – Spoilers!)

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