Here I am again joining the wonderful Zooloo's Book Tours. Today it's to shine a spotlight on the new book by G.M. Lawrence, When I Know Your Name.

So let's tell you about the book! 

Who kidnapped Elena Dumont? And what do they really want?

Elena Dumont appears to have it all: a charmed life, a handsome boyfriend and wealthy, successful parents.

But when she is kidnapped, she is forced to confront the problems that lurk beneath her perfect facade.

Although she is terrified, Elena digs deep and shows resilience and courage. One of her captors notices her bravery and they develop an unlikely bond.

Elena is faced with a choice: should she trust this man who is supposed to be her enemy?

She embarks on a dark journey to discover who is behind her kidnapping and why they would want her abducted in the first place.

The web of deceit she uncovers has earth shattering consequences. Will Elena make the right choice? And will she find out who is behind the kidnapping before they strike again?

Well, if are you can find more info on Goodreads or you can get the book here.

Before you go, let me tell you about GM Lawrence.

G. M. Lawrence writes psychological suspense novels that have sizzling suspense, plenty of heart and a thrilling twist or two. She decided to start writing as a hobby in 2015 and after a few half-hearted attempts at a novel, she decided to commit to it. Now, with a creative writing course under her belt, she loves nothing more than to open her laptop and let the words flow.

She lives in Hampshire in the UK with her husband, daughter, and two cats who love to bring as much chaos into their lives as possible.

If you want to find out more about GM Lawrence and her books there's more information on her website.

Or find her hanging around FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Right! There we go!


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