Here we are again. Today, I am joining Zooloo's book Tours again. This time its to have a look at Matt Duff's new Novelette, A Secret To Die For. 

Book One from the series 'Ghostly Tales From The Therapist's Couch.'

Thomas is a well-renowned medium who often helps out Scotland Yard with their cold cases.

Joe, a reporter, trusted with a dangerous secret, flees to Scotland after his friend is murdered. Under police protection, he is pursued by the same hired assassin who is willing to do anything to prevent the Government’s secret from being revealed.

With this case weighing heavily on his thoughts, Thomas pays a visit to his friend and therapist, Ian Baker, for another session on this therapist’s couch!


A secret to Die for is a compact little supernatural thriller that takes place somewhere in Scotland, near Ben Nevis.

The story initially centres around MP Stan (we don't get a second name) and Joe, a respected newspaper journalist.

On entering his office, Stan finds a strange envelope. Realising that the contents are a matter of National Security, Stan contacts Joe in order to spill the story.

However, tragedy strikes when Stan is assassinated by an unknown assailant. Joe, ends up going on the run in an effort to protect his life. 

Fast forward several years, we are introduced to Thomas, a medium that is occasionally employed by the police. Plagued by visions of the past, he seeks the help of Ian, a hypnotherapist.   

In an effort to lay the spirit of the past to rest, Thomas and Ian visit the past to find out what happened to Joe.

This is a nifty little novelette that moves along at quite a fast pace. The story itself is framed through the eyes of Thomas and Ian. This gives a little bit of detachment to the story, but it works effectively to give a snapshot of this particular incident.

To say that this is so short, Matt Duff manages to fit a whole load of story in a short page space. 

The pace of the story flits by quite quickly and you soon find yourself zipping to the end in order to find out the mystery of surrounding Joe and what happens after the initial start. 


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