Let's Read - June 2023



Well, here we are at the start of the halfway point of the year. It's been a busy old sixth months, especially in the reading department. 

Occasionally, I will put out what I am hoping to read during the upcoming months. However, most of the time I simply have no clue as my reading tends to be guided by whatever ARCS I have or whether I am involved in a blog tour.

However this month, I thought I would try to be a little bit organised (although not that much because I sometimes like to have that free and easy feeling of just picking a book up that I want to read). So, below is all the books I want to or might read in the month of June.

(I thought I would be all fancy like, and do a collage thingy)

Obviously these will not get read in a particular order, and I have to finish off my current read, which is Gods of The Wyrdwood by R. J. Barker.
Right let's have a look at the books themselves. 

First up, it's The Atrocities by Jeremy Shipp

This is one I have had knocking about on my Kindle  for a while. It's a short gothic horror novella, so I am hoping to fit this short read in at some point

Next up it's The Shadow Gate by L. L. MacRae

This is the sequel to The Iron Crown which I read in 2022, and enjoyed it immensely. I was originally sent an ARC for this, but I couldn't find it in my emails, so I have gone and bought it. I can't wait to get to this one, and I must say that wonder if all wonders it has a synopsis of book one at the beginning so I can get straight on with it (I love it when people do this, it reduces my stress enormously when there's a 'what has gone before' bit at the beginning, coz you think I recall the book and the story but what if there are other elements that I have forgotten)

Right, third up is Seeds of War by João F. Silva

I should have read this ages ago when he author kindly sent me an ARC for this one, but unfortunately shit happened (as usual!) and I just didn't get to it in time. I have actually started this one and am about thirty odd pages in. Got to say, it seems intriguing.

The next book on this list, Gathering of Four by A. E. Bennett is one that I know very little about to be honest.

However, I will be joing The Write Reads tour in June for this one.

Faelands Champion by Mark Cushen is a recent ARC that I received, so I am hoping to get to this one this month.

This is the soon to be released sequel to his enchanting first novel Little White Hands. It's a middle grade fantasy (so not my usual fare of murder, death, kill) which I really enjoyed a few years back. I think it was when I had actually first started as a book blogger.

And finally, The Flames of Mira by Clay Harmon.

This is one that I had heard lots about on its initial release, but following that I have only seen the odd person talking about this one. It is due to be released in paperback by one of my favourite publishers, Rebellion, at the end of the month, so looking forward to this one.

And finally, if I get chance I may squeeze this one in, well, I probably will to be honest coz it's a library book. It's Looking Glass Sound by Catriona Ward

Now, as I said earlier, things may change, but hopefully I will get this little lot read.

I would ask, do you have anything planned, leave a comment below, but unfortunately I had turn comments off due to being continually bombarded by spam accounts, but you can find me in Twitter or Instagram.


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