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Hell Again!
Here we are again joining the fabulous Zooloo's Book Tours. This time to have a look at Creatures of Chaos by Ashley Brandt.

Life in Justice-Peace just got a little more interesting.

Casey Allen has a green thumb. Max Kinkaid is the high school football star. Debbie’s in a band. Parker is a serial-dater, and Finch is the science- whiz turned prankster. When these unlikely friends are forced to collaborate on a group project, they discover their talents go beyond their high school personas.

Casey can call the plants, growing and twisting them to her satisfaction. Nicholas Finch commands the animals, and Parker Watts can summon the fiercest of storms. Max Kinkaid has dominion over the four winds, and Debbie Fairfield can rock your world, literally!

Are these five an evolved species of human or the legacies of the gods?

Hunted by greedy scientists, these clever teens combine their extraordinary gifts to gain their freedom...but it will cost them the only lives they’ve ever known!
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Creatures of Chaos revolves around five seemingly normal teens. There’s wonder gardener Casey, her best friend Debbie, cheerleading and high school hottie Parker, the boy everyone swoons over (soon to be Parker’s ex, and Casey’s object of affection), Max Kincaid and finally king of the snark Finch.
We initially meet our main protag, Casey, doing what she does best; tending the garden. It seems that after the death of her mother, she has turned her horticultural skills into a home grown business in order to get some extra pocket money and also help her father. 
Given an assignment in class to join up with the aforementioned breakfast club wannabees, the gang need to investigate some Greek myths. However, what they will discover will change their lives. 
I have to say this was a fun, neat little package of a story. Mixing elements of superhero origin story, a bit of John Hughes high school drama, a dash of Stranger Things and a smattering of Percy Jackson, this is a good initial setup of a possible series of adventures. 
At just under a hundred pages, Ashley Brandt manages to stuff a boat load of ideas into this overfilled suitcase of a story. I mean there’s the introduction of the Scooby gang that are due to get their super powers sometime soon. A little bit of a training montage, megalomaniac scientists, nefarious cabals and finally a fight for freedom.
The prose is pretty clipped and doesn’t give a load of exposition and background. Yeah, it doesn’t go into loads of background info, but it gives you enough to be going on with at this time and enough little titbits to keep you wanting to find out more, and I think that this shorter form of the story is pretty effective in getting the bones of the story together. I mean to be fair; these kids are teens who have had little experience in life and the amount of back story that is there is enough to flesh out their character and ultimately propel them on to the next story. 
I’d definitely be interested in seeing where this story goes and see how the characters develop. Whilst Creatures of Chaos is a short book, I thought it was a good little distraction. 

A bit about the Author, 

Ashley Brandt

Ashley Brandt is a Paramedic and an author living in North Texas. When she isn't reading or writing, Ashley enjoys hiking, swimming and photography. Ashley is a coffee addict and spends as much time at the bookstore as possible.

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