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Today it's a look at the new instalment of the Selah Series by Ella Walker Henderson. This has been an enjoyable series  and Of Seas and Breath continues the search for the keys to the legendary Qinnowr.




Deep underwater, a cavern hides the gold that sings, the next key to the ancient Qinnowr.

In the heart of the sea, trade winds blow through the Trysanthem Isles. Their legendaries are the breathless and can swim without air.

Few breathless can dive deep enough to find the lost cave, where a wall covered in gold sings with the touch of water. But Shawn Carcerian is one of those few and always up for a bargain and a good adventure.

With Shawn’s help, Selah and William must dive deep into the sea and find what secrets have hidden there for centuries. But the greatest threat waits for them out of the water.

And when pirates attack, suspicions abound. There has long been a traitor in the midst of the Eleven warriors. His secrets will finally come to light.

They must all beware of the sharks, both in the water and on the Isles.

Will Selah and William survive the sea? And most of all the dangers that lurk in their midst?



Well, here we are at the fourth instalment of Ella Walker Henderson's Selah series, which by my reckoning makes this the penultimate book in the series.

In this fourth book we are continuing to look for the keys that will unlock the legendary Qinnowr, which has been the main focus of the series. This time Selah and the gang are off to the Trysanthem Isles to search for another key from another part of the land. However first they need to discover the secret of of the gold that sings underwater and that means an emotive return home for William, who hasn't been back to the burnt out husk of his childhood home since the fire that killed his father. Investigating the old songs and legends, they find out that the kingdoms of Alethia and Trysanthem are inexorably linked way back when, in the the mists of history

With the upcoming nuptials between Princess Linette and King Reese, the King of Trysanthem, it provides the perfect cover to nip of for a bit of a jaunt to retrieve said artefact. All they need to do before that is to traverse the sea, avoid a few pirates, discover the identity of a spy and avoid some sharks, literal and human!

In order to aid them they need to enlist the help the legendaries of the Isles, the breathless, which means we get to see Captain Shawn again, and in addition to that we also get to meet Eloise.

As usual, Ella Walker Henderson writes an enjoyable yarn that has plenty of adventure, intrigue and the other elements that have been driving the story along throughout the series.

Ella Walker Henderson writes an interesting tale, and in all fairness the fantasy elements are pretty low key as she tends to focus on character and how the relationship develops between William and Selah, which feels pretty organic. However, similar to my feelings with the last book I would love to see more of Turiel and how he is shaping some of the events tha are in contrast to what Selah and William are trying to achieve.

And as I have said before, Ella Walker Henderson writes well rounded female characters which I find to be a strong aspect of the series.

On the whole though, Of Seas and Breath is an enjoyable addition to the series.


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