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I am joining Zooloo's Book Tours again today to shine a spotlight on the new book by JG Faherty called Ragman. It's a horror/police procedure/thriller mashup with a classic monster at the helm.

So let's tell you a bit about the book

About the Book

If you love a great horror tale with ancient mummies, a deluded priest and two oddball cops, then you're in for a treat...

In 1882, a group of British soldiers plunder an Egyptian temple and kill the high priest. The priest vows revenge, and is finally revived in the present day.

He finds the great-grandson of the man who killed him, but they form an uneasy partnership to get back all the stolen artifacts and send all the descendants of the other soldiers to the Underworld.

Two police officers, former partners who had a falling out, must put aside their differences as they go from trying to solve gruesome, unexplained murders to risking their lives to stop the supernatural mummy the priest has called forth.




Ragman is the latest novel by JG Faherty and is released by Flame Tree Press.

Sometimes, I don’t want to read a horror novel that it is not full of existential dread or rammed with deeper meanings and portents. I want just good fun! Which is exactly what you get with Ragman, which is entertaining and manages to breathe dust filled life into a classic monster that is much underused – The Mummy.

I can’t say that I have seen many novels that have the central monster as a mummy, and I must say, it was a refreshing change. 

The story centres around a series of grisly murders that are happening around the city of New York. The police are baffled by the nature of the murders which involve ripping the local glitterati limb from limb.

Dan Reese and his partner, good for nothing Driscoll, are assigned to investigate the bizarre murders of New York’s rich and famous. But as the body count mounts, it becomes apparent that these are not your run of the mill killings. There seems to be nothing linking the cases and there appears to be no motive. As the two detectives continue to investigate, Reece gets a blast from the past in the form of his old partner, Tom Reardon, who left the force in disgrace due to some unknown altercation with his ex-best friend and partner, Dan Reece. We learn that Reardon is now a security guard for one of the murdered socialites and is hired by the wife to investigate the murder of her husband alongside the police due to his previous credentials.

The two reluctantly join forces in order to attempt to solve the case. However, things go a bit wrong and as the two are thrust together, it becomes apparent that there are supernatural forces at work.

Full of apparating mummies, old Egyptian gods, moustache twirling bad guys and enough twists and turns to give you motion sickness, Ragman is a fun slice of ‘B’ movie horror that just takes you along for the ride. And yeah, I enjoyed the ride to be honest. I just switched my brain off and enjoyed the scenery. Part police procedural, part revenge tale, the story moves along at a pace reminiscent of a blue light police car, that ends in a way that you both do and don’t expect. 

Author Bio

A life-long resident of New York's haunted Hudson Valley, JG Faherty has been a finalist for both the Bram Stoker Award® (THE CURE, GHOSTS OF CORONADO BAY) and ITW Thriller Award (THE BURNING TIME), and he is the author of 8 novels, 11 novellas, and more than 75 short stories. He writes adult and YA horror, science fiction, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. He grew up enthralled with the horror movies and books of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, and as a child his favorite playground was a 17th-century cemetery. Which explains a lot. 


Follow him at:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jgfaherty/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jgfaherty

Website: www.jgfaherty.com


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