Queen of Deception by Anna Stephens


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I have been reading a lot of Anna Stephens books recently and today I am talking about her latest book set in Marvel's Legends of Asgard series which is published by Aconyte Books on March 7th 2023.

About the Book


All that stands between Hela and control of Elizabethan England are two legendary heroes and an army of Dark Elves, in this action-packed historical adventure from Marvel’s Legends of Asgard

A burst of magic from Midgard attracts the attention of Hela, Queen of Hel. The Goddess of Death craves power to enable her ultimate conquest of the Realms, and this new sorcery from Earth is tantalizing… Pursuing its source, Hela is appalled to find herself in Elizabethan England. From Asgard, Lady Sif and the valkyrie, Brunnhilde are also dispatched to Midgard, and neither of them have any love for Hela. Yet a still greater threat awaits: the Dark Elves see Midgard as the first battle in war of the Realms. Only a team-up between hated enemies can win the day, but how far can you really trust the Queen of Hel?


The latest in Aconyte’s Legend of Asgard series is another instalment by Anna Stephens. In Queen of Deception, Anna Stephens continues the adventures of the Valkyrie Brunnhilde and the Lady Sif as they attempt to discover the source of the strange dreams that are affecting Brunnhilde. 

However, to do that they must find the source of the magic that is not only causing Brunnhilde problems, but has also brought Hela, the Queen of Hel to Midgard to steal the power for herself. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this series, and yet again Anna Stephens adds to these wonderful stories with her take on Brunnhilde and the Lady Sif. 

The story brings in a cast of characters drawn from history such as John Dee, Francis Walsingham, Queen Bess and even a well-known playwright makes a surprising cameo, albeit disguised as a much younger version of himself and a bit of a cheeky chappie. 

As usual, Anna Stephens writes a rip-roaring tale that is full of action, derring do and tons of badassery that just captures your imagination. I am always surprised by Anna Stephens’ versatility as a writer, and it is great to see her having so much fun with these characters. She manages to keep the story light and entertaining, but also manages to have a little swipe at the morals and attitudes of both the day and today, especially about what a woman can and cannot do. 

Much like Richard Lee Byers in his Heimdell tales set in the same universe, Anna Stephens has managed to make the characters Brunnhilde and Lady Sif her own and while they are fun and light, they also manage to kick arse, always besting those around them and showing the blokes around that the female of the species is just as deadly and that to underestimate them is folly. 

However, I think Anna Stephens has made a bit of a rod for own back in this tale because now I want some more of the Goddess of Hel. She was such a fantastic character in this book, and I really enjoyed her interactions with the young Will as he wins over and we see an almost maternal side emerging from her as the story progresses. Not only that, but she is also a bit of a snarky git that endeared me to her. 

It was also a bit refreshing to get out of Asgard for a bit with the backdrop of Elizabethan England. It provides plenty of comic interludes with well-done fish out water moments that always make me laugh if done well. Not only that the historical setting of the book provided a richness to the story as Anna Stephens captures London, warts and all, whilst also interlacing it with science fictiony type elements that sat well. 

Queen of Deception is another fun filled addition to the Legends of Asgard series that just races along at full pelt taking you along with it. Give it a go coz these books are just one Hel of a good time.

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