Series I want to read in 2023

Good morning good folks!
So, I got to thinking that in 2022 I actually managed to read ten different series, and this year I want to do the same. 

Now what I also wanted to do in 2022 was something that Lisa at Owl Be Sat Reading suggested which was something she introduced called Beat the Backlog. However as usual I was a bit rubbish to be honest, and like every other reader I was always after the new shinies. 

This year however, I am going to be firmly embracing the beat the backlog challenge and have picked a number of series that I already own, either on my kindle or in my audiobook collection. Although, I will be breaking this rule with one series and that is the Anna Smith Spark's Empire of Dust series which is one that has been recommended to me on a number of occasions and I don't actually own that one yet.

Right! Here goes.

I got this as soon as it came out. Lots and lots of people highly recommend these books and seen as I have them both as an ebook and as an audiobook I thought it was high time I got my arse in gear and got to this series.
I adored RJ Barker's Bone Ships trilogy and wanted to go back to his first trilogy. I got this originally for my birthday or Christmas (cannot recall which tbh) so I thought it was high time I got to it.

Another series I have been meaning to get to for absolutely bloody ages, so this year I am going determined to read this one.

Premee Mohammed's Beneath the Rising Trilogy piqued my interest quite a while ago and in fact I have the series and the novella. Again, it has been knocking about for ages on my kindle and it has been recommended by Sara from the wonderful Fiction Fans Podcast.

I read my first Ed McDonald book this year with Daughter of Redwinter. The Raven Mark trilogy is always touted as a good series and again, I have had it for ages.

This is supposed to be a really original fantasy series, and as I have the complete trilogy this is one I want to get to. I rarely see this one mentioned anywhere so am looking forward to reading it.

Now, this is the series that is breaking all the rules as I don't actually own this one yet. However, I have been recommend this one on a number of occasions, and particularly from Peter McLean who regularly recommends this series, so how can I resist.
Another series that has been hanging round my audible library. I have heard a number of people discussing this series, so I thought that this year I would get on with it.

This is a series that gets recommended continuously, and again this has been on my Kindle for years. Many bloggers that I followed for ages always say that this is such a good series so it's about time this series got read.

This is the final series that I want to read, well listen to as I have had this series in my audible library. I originally started it last year, bit only got half way through the first one but for some reason didn't finish it. I think if I recall, I couldn't get along with the narrator of the first one. So it's about time I have it another try

There you go! I think that is enough for the time being and I think that should keep me going. I don't know if I will read all these series, but that is what I am planning.

What about you? You got any plans to read any particular series, or maybe you are tackling some books from your backlog. Whatever you are planning - happy reading 😁


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