Cry Magic by Mike Morris


Here we are again with some more book talk. Today it is the new novella by Mike Morris. It's the new Jack Frey adventure. Now this one landed just this week and I could not wait to read this bad boy.

I am a really big fan of this series and have read them all. As I have said previously, more people need to read Mike Morris's book because they are just brilliant, and if you like Mike Shackle's books, then I think you will like these ones too. 

And the best thing about it, is that this is the first of (hopefully!) three new books with Jack, because Cry War is scheduled for April this year, and Cry Death coming later this year. 

If you want to know more about these books go to Mike Morris's Website, and you willl also find reviews of the books to date in this series on the blog or on Goodreads.

Right, let's get on with it!


Jack Frey and the Black Dogs may have won the battle of Arbour but the danger from the blood-sucking Nostros has never been greater. The threat of invasion looms over the island nation of Albios, humankind's last bastion.

However, there is hope. Jack has the sword of an ancient Nostros king in his possession — a weapon capable of turning the demons into ash with a single blow. In order to master it, he travels to a remote monastery to learn from the Black Dogs' greatest swordsman.

But evil magic has gotten there first, turning the local population into an army of the dead and they want Jack's head.

Can he survive their monstrous assault or will the war be lost before Jack can strike a single blow?
Cry magic is the latest novella in Mike Morris's ongoing Jack Frey series, and is another worthy addition to the series.

Cry Magic begins immediately from where the last book Cry Fear ended. 

As we join Jack at Whitehaven, we learn that he is struggling to master the new weapon that he obtained at the end of the last book. It seems that he is having trouble learning the new technique and as a result, Master Snow, the arms trainer believes that the best course of action is to send him to train with Brother Cameron at the monastery in Ipswin. In addition to this,he is to be accompanied by a younger member of the order, Gareth, who as part of his training is to work at the library at the monastery in the hopes that this will bring him out of his shell and develop his character more.

However, as soo as they reach Ipswin they soon realise that something is wrong and are chased by the walking dead to the monastery which has been besieged by the living dead for over a week. And to make matters worse, Jack has lost the Sword of Ormund in the fight. He has lost the one chance of fighting the evil Nostros.

Cry Magic is another worthy addition to Mike Morris's Peter Brett/Robert E.Howard inspired fantasy that successfully joins fantasy and horror together.

Although short, the story is gripping and develops the characters well. As usual, the action scenes are fast paced and vivid, and the characters are well fleshed out and the introduction of new characters like Gareth adds to the story.

It is quite reminiscent of the first novella set in this world, Cry Witch, particularly with the introduction of Gareth, except on this occasion the tables are turned a little and Jack holds a similar position to Aiden in that story. The old girzzled veteran that seems to be at once  held in reverence, but also a little bit scary to the young initiate Gareth.

As usual, Mike Morris holds nothing back in this demon infested world and the action scenes are just as bloody as normal.

This is an easy read and is very quick to get through as the prose is accessible and fast paced.

As I have said several times before, the Jack Frey books are well worth a read. They are action packed adventures reminiscent of Peter Brett and Robert E. Howard's Soloman Kane stories, and as we are not going to see anymore stories set in that world, these books definitely scratch that itch.



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