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Today, I am joining Zooloo's book Tours today to have a look at the third book in Chris Cloake's Dominion Series. The book is titled The Dominion - Destiny and neatly wraps up the trilogy.

So, let's dive in and have a look at the book then.


The ancient dominion of Ordefima faces a catastrophic invasion that will rip it apart. This is a tale of desperate duels, greed and loss, dreams unrealised and the ultimate price paid by those in love. Can the close siblings, Rupert and Socha, survive such insurmountable odds and find any kind of happiness? Or will darker powers and covetous enemies prevail?

The Dominion – Destiny is the unmissable concluding part of the fantasy trilogy. Fans of legendary sagas leading to dramatic conclusions, with a vibrant cast travelling strange lands, can’t fail to find thrills in this final instalment by emerging author Chris Cloake.

Buy The Dominion – Destiny and prepare for an odyssey that knows no bounds.

The Dominion – Destiny is the final part of the Dominion Trilogy by Chris Cloake. The story is very much classic fantasy and reminds me of fantasy written in the sixties and seventies, but with a more modern edge.

The story itself takes place after book two and we find the people of Ordefima just managing to eke out an existence and staving off the constant threat from the Gharids who have basically managed to carry out their plan and return most of Ordefima to its previous state of a barely habitable swamp (well, if you are a human anyway! To the reptile Gharids, the place is a bit of a paradise).

The people of the dominion are basically at their lowest ebb. There does not seem to be any help from the neighbouring dominions and food and water are running out fast.

I have to say that I found The Dominion a pretty bleak tale. The people of the land deal with one disaster after another with each attack by the Gharids eroding their soul and hope.

I was quite surprised by the way the story goes in this book and Chris Cloake took the story in directions that I did not expect.

This again is another good entry into the dominion series and Chris Cloake neatly wraps up the story quite well. There were some things that I was quite surprised at, and found that rather than having massive action set pieces, Chris Cloake minimalises some major events to instead focus on character and its effect on the protagonists of the story and the people as a whole.

It’s an interesting take that works surprisingly well.

In addition to this, Chris Cloake manages to wrap up the story,satisfyingly ending character arcs and tying up any loose ends.

I have purposefully stayed away from the story itself to minimise any plot spoilers, as it is pretty hard to summarise and talk about the third part of a series.

On the whole, Chris Cloake writes a satisfying, if a little bleak at times, ending to the trilogy.


About Chris Cloake

Chris Cloake was born in 1964 and began telling stories a couple of years later. He grew up in Kent, England. He is motivated to write by a deep interest in life, particularly the cruel, deeply flawed nature of people contrasted with their incredible creativity and inspiration. The power of the natural world is a common theme in his work as a writer and professional photographer. He lives happily with his wife, two children and a large collection of music, books and board games.

You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on his website


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