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Today, I am very pleased to be joining Sue Bavey from Sue's Musing's in this special cover reveal for the new book by Dawne Archer called Trekker Girl.

Now what makes this special you may ask? Trekker Girl is the story of Dawn Archer, who trekked across the Sahara in order to raise funds for Thrombosis UK.

Dawn experienced this first hand when she had a Deep Vein Thrombosis and the proceeds from the book are going to the UK Charity to raise awareness of this potentially life threatening condition, which is where blood clots can form (usually in the legs and cause a Pulmonary Embolism, which can cause Pulmonary Arrest)

Anyone can experience this, so that is why awareness of the condition is vital. And this is something that has affected me personally as my father experienced this many years ago, although luckily it was caught in time.

Anyway, onto the cover reveal, and a bit about the author and the book. 

Brave or foolhardy?

That is the question Dawne asks herself when she stubbornly pursues her goal of trekking in the Sahara Desert to raise funds for Thrombosis UK.

As she battles excruciating back pain and slogs across the unforgiving desert landscape in boots held together with gaffer tape, will her determination to educate others to the perils of thrombosis drive her to achieve one of the toughest challenges of her life. Or will trekking in the Sahara prove a step too far?

All profits from book sales will be donated to the charity Thrombosis UK which works to educate the public and health professionals to ‘Spot the Clots’. Knowing what to look out for might save your life or that of someone close to you.

Amazon UK | Amazon US | goodreads


About the Author 

Dawne lives a full and active life, indulging her curious nature through travel by any means possible. Backpacking, road trips, cruising, sailing, whatever opportunity comes her way. 

Brave or foolhardy? That is the question Dawne asks herself when she stubbornly pursues her goal of trekking in the Sahara Desert to raise funds for Thrombosis UK.

Suffering blood clots in her leg and lung at the age of 26, Dawne’s quest is to raise awareness of thrombosis, donating profits from sales of “Trekker Girl Morocco Bound” to the charity.

As a radio presenter, she interviews people from all walks of life. Often, she becomes the interviewee, talking about her brush with death and how life is still an adventure, despite her diagnosis of an inherited clotting disorder.

Dawne started writing to describe the ups and downs of her unforgettable desert trek. Reliving her travel experiences encourages her to write on, and you can read about some of her adventures in her chapter of “Itchy Feet”.

Watch out for more from Dawne Archer, Trekker Girl.

Email: trekkergirl@outlook.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trekkergirl2012/
Amazon author page: www.amazon.com/author/dawnearcher
Twitter: @DawneArcher19

And now on to the new cover for the book!


And finally some information Thrombosis UK



Every six seconds a person dies from VTE globally.

VENOUS THROMBOEMBOLISM – formation of a clot in a vein e.g. Deep Vein Thrombosis in the leg, part of which can break off and travel to the lung forming a Pulmonary Embolism.

Our priority is for everyone to KNOW the Risks Signs & Symptoms of VTE and to support research to extend UNDERSTANDING into the PREVENTION and BEST MANAGEMENT of VTE.


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