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The Dominion : Defiant by Chris Cloake

Hello, today I am joining Zooloo's Book Tours to talk about The Dominion Defiant by Chris Cloake. Have a look at what the book is about, and the review is below. I would like to thank Zooloo's Book Tours for inviting me on the tour. 

Well, we had better dive on in then hadn't we.

Publication Day : 19th October 2021

Page Count : 429 pages


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Book 2 of The Dominion Trilogy

An ancient adversary in the east seeks to invade Ordefima and claim the treasures it holds.

When his beloved sister is captured, Rupert, the youngest son of the ruling family, is sent to save her. As the power of the enemy increases, can he overcome personal tragedy, emotional entanglements and lost allegiances to emerge as the hero? Or will subversive forces and increasing austerity inspire the people to rebel against him?

The Dominion – Defiant is the second book in the fantasy trilogy. If you like epic adventure, dark brooding menace, vivid characters and imaginative settings, then you’ll love this latest installment by popular author Chris Cloake.


Monsters from the time of myth emerge to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, but as usual the people of The Dominion do not take heed, until it is too late.

Chris Cloake’s second book in his Dominion series immediately follows on from the events of the first book, as Rupert rides out to reclaim his sister Sorcha from the clutches of the Gaticus.

Not only that, the fires of Rebellion threaten to tear apart the Dominion from the inside.

The Dominion – Defiant is written very much in a classical fantasy kind of vein and put me in mind of the prose of Porl Anderson, in that it has a kind of mythic quality to it. Some people will enjoy it, and others won’t. Me? I was fine with it.

There is some good world building in the story, with Chris Cloake building on the groundwork that he had done in the first book.

The second book of the trilogy is always the hardest to talk about as it has the most demands placed upon it, such as, did it continue to the story that had been set out in the first book, does it move the story along to its conclusion, and finally can it stand as a story by itself. Well, the answer to this in the case of The Dominion Defiant, is that it managed to fulfil that criteria.

In addition to that Cloake writes some good action scenes that pulls you along. Throughout the action scenes, he got the pacing and cadence of the story right, and I would happily bumble along with the action that was happening on the page. However, I think that the one thing that I noticed was that the pacing could sometimes slow down, especially when we came to matters of intrigue and politics, and it was at these times that I found that I could become a little overwhelmed with the amount of information described.

This definitely falls into the dark fantasy realm of the genre, and as anyone knows I do like to get my teeth into a good bit of dark fantasy.

With The Dominion – Defiant, Chris Cloake had me immersed in his world of intrigue and action, and his tale of grief and loss, war and rebellion, and things returning from the times of old to haunt a kingdom. It entertained me right till the end, and I cannot wait to see how the trilogy concludes.

About Chris Cloake

Chris Cloake was born in 1964 and began telling stories a couple of years later. He grew up in Kent, England. He is motivated to write by a deep interest in life, particularly the cruel, deeply flawed nature of people contrasted with their incredible creativity and inspiration. The power of the natural world is a common theme in his work as a writer and professional photographer. He lives happily with his wife, two children and a large collection of music, books and board games.

You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on his website






  1. Thank you so much for taking part in the tour today and sharing this fab review!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the great coverage here and a fantastic review. The third instalment is in progress. I'll try and keep the quality up!


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