Legacy of Ghosts by Alicia Wanstall-Burke

Four years have passed since Lidan’s world was ripped apart, and time is running out to change her father’s mind about the succession before the bargain with her mother expires. Torn between what she wants and what she knows is right, she is faced with an impossible choice; will her brother live, or will he die?

Within the walls of the Hidden Keep, Ranoth holds his secrets close as he tries to harness his wild magic. But when life in the Keep descends into chaos, he is cast once more into the outside world, forced upon a southward path toward unknown lands and untold danger.

With Ran set on seeking justice and revenge, and Lidan fighting to find her feet and follow her heart, journeys will converge, and the ghosts of a past thought long dead will rise.


What the hell happened here?

I'm not sure, but I like it!

Alicia Wanstall-Burke certainly ups the ante in Legacy of Ghosts, the breathtaking sequel to Blood of Heirs.

Let me tell you, this review is going to be hard! There are no two ways about it, coz I need to tell you about this book, whilst not spoiling the last book. If I can, I will try to give as much info without spilling too many beans on what came before.

Legacy of Ghosts continues the story of Lidon and Ranoth.

At the end of the last book, Ran found a place where he could exist without persecution, and Lidon had her future irrevocably changed.

Now four years have passed and Lidon is a ranger and Ran is hiding from the world, whilst learning how to use his magic.

I can’t help it, but there is one thing that I am going to spoil for the last one, coz whichever way I look at it I need to mention this point as it has an impact on the story.

As you know, the story follows the points of view of the two main characters, and you would expect that the two storylines would converge. However, Alicia Wanstall-Burke decided to throw that rule book out of the window and maintain the dual storylines well into the second book.

The Legacy of Ghosts follows a pretty similar formula to book 1. We cycle through the points of view every three or four chapters, and when there are major events that have an impact on the plot, they are echoed in the other storyline too.

I really enjoy how this works, and it is always something that I didn't see coming. I tell you, I spend most of the time with my jaw well and truly on the floor. There is always this parallel of events that sets the story in motion, and I am like - Whaaaat? WTF!

Now as I said earlier, Alicia Wanstall Burke ups the ante two fold in this book and whilst the first book had a lot of character building, Legacy of Ghosts felt much more plot focussed due to those initial building blocks.

Now, I know I am being a bit sketchy on plot points coz quite truthfully I want to pique your interest, without spoiling either the first or the second book in the hope that you will pick this one up.

As you can guess, a load of stuff happens in this story. Things get answered, things get revealed. The story moves on etc etc

However, it is the pace at which they keep coming at you, it's like boom - action piece, boom - plot reveal, boom - action piece, boom - here's a dragon, bet you didn't see that coming did ya sucka? (haha)

Throughout the story, there were some plot points that I guessed weren't particularly far off the mark (And let me tell you, I can never usually see things coming, and I know it was only one thing in a book full of things like this, so I am keeping it as a major achievement! So there!). However, this had absolutely no impact on the story because Alicia Wanstall-Burke executed the reveal in such a brilliant way that it left me a bit gobsmacked. Because I read this and listened to this on audio there was always someone thinking that I may be losing the plot coz I was like whoa! Oof! No way! Even the dog was getting a bit worried at points wondering who the heck I was making random exclamations at whilst out on his daily walks! (I lay this wholly at your doorstep AWB)

The magic system comes to the fore a bit more in this book too, as Ranoth's story shows you that he has gained much more control over his powers and is able to use them effectively.

For me, Legacy of Ghosts was an absolutely brilliant second book, and masterfully moves the story along in ways I didn't expect.

So with me telling you all about this book, whilst not telling you anything at all, I bid you adieu! 


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