Cover Reveal - Anamnesis by Susana Imaginário


Hello! Hello! 

Come on in! 

Make yourself at home!

Welcome to the first post of the year!

Today, it is a cover reveal! Yep, roll out the fanfare and give me some drums, because I have a cover reveal for Susana Imaginário's latest installment of the Timelessness Series.

I am sure that you are aware that this is one of my favourite series coz I keep harping on about it.

If you haven't read Susana's books, check them out!

There are currently four books in the series (you can see reviews for all the books on the Blog), with the last one being a novella that slots in between Book 3 and Book 4!

 Right, so I have wittered on a bit about stuff and I suppose that you actually want to see the main event

The Cover Reveal.

Right, let us draw back the, turn down the lights and show you the cover! 






Lovely isn't it?

Yep, those blues in the cover are really striking, and now I cannot wait for the actual book. Speaking of the book, below is a rendition of the cover as a hard back book.

Well, they we are folks!

The end of the cover reveal!

Now we just need the book (no pressure😂)

I hope you enjoyed this cover reveal and as always, thank you for visiting the site and your continued support!


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