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Book Information

Moon Rising by Daniel Weisbeck

Series: The Upsilon Series (#1)

Published: November 1, 2021 by DJW Books

Genre: Sci-Fi Biopunk Thriller

Pages: 222


She is not who she thinks she is. Her true identity is a mystery.

Trapped in a cellar by a man she does not know; a young girl is forced to act out the life of someone she has never met to stay alive. When she escapes, she finds herself on the run, confused and questioning her past. With the help of Bobby Houndstooth, a teacher she once knew, and Nutt, an android who loves to dance, Silon begins to unravel her true identity and a mysterious relationship she has with a sinister corporation.

Silon must decide if she is the person others expect her to be or if she can become a person of her own making.

Even if it kills her.

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Daniel Weisbeck is a new name to me. However, it seems that he has an IndieReader Discovery Award for Science Fiction under his belt for one of his previous books.

In addition to this, I am pretty new to the Biopunk scene. However, if Moon Rising is anything to go by, I may be delving a little bit further.

The story revolves around an unknown girl trapped in a cellar by a man called Sad Man. Initially, the book is claustrophobic and very tense as Sad Man makes his demands. He keeps her in darkness in the cellar, only allowing her light when he visits her and dresses the girl in what we learn are his daughter’s clothes.

However, aid comes from her former teacher, Dr Bobby Houndstooth (also known as Teach, or Teacher), which sets off a chain of events that includes shadowy organisations, underground tech geniuses and an android that likes to dance, interwoven with a story of a girl who is learning to live in the outside world and her capabilities.

In Moon Rising, Daniel Weisbeck gives us a fast moving Sci Fi action thriller that after the initial set up, takes off as quick as the gliders in the book. The plot is compelling and you cannot help but be drawn into the story. The characters are well realised and have an ability to grow, which is surprising in light of the brevity of the book.

The story is written from the first person perspective. However, what he cleverly does is use each of the three main characters perspectives to flesh out scenes that they have all been involved with, so you are able to navigate how each of the different protagonists feel about the same scene. This works surprisingly well.

As an introduction to both Daniel Weisbeck’s writing and to the series as a whole, Moon Rising is an effective and solid introduction,  I enjoyed Moon Rising and I am looking forward to seeing how the series  progresses and develops.

About the Author


Daniel Weisbeck is the award-winning author of the bestselling series Children of the Miracle, a dystopian adventure. Daniel is a native US citizen but has lived in the UK for over over twenty years working in the technology and software fields, bringing a unique and authentic voice to his speculative science fiction. Daniel is an openly gay author who has been happily married to his partner for over twenty years. When not writing about androids and hybrid humans in the future, you will find him taking care of his three dogs two rescue racehorses, and thirty rescue sheep who all live in the South Downs of England.







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