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Hello everyone, here we are for another Zooloo's Blog Tour. This time I am joining the tour to review Butterfly Assassins by Steve Walsh. This is the second book in the Wi Fi of Dreams series. If you recall I  have recently reviewed the first in this series, Wilson Indeed, and greatly enjoyed it. Enough of me prattling on, here is some info about the book.
Sally Bennett was an orphan and an only child. Incomprehensibly, at the age of ten, both her parents died in quick succession. Proof that fate deals our cards blind. One can be dealt three buses in a row, a run of traffic lights on red, or a pair of deaths; it all depends on the shuffle. Destiny was playing its hand and having led with a heart, the face card of her mother, Sally had no other option but to follow suit. 

When Wilson and Daisy play with the Tetris blocks of the future, problems soon stack up. Butterfly Assassins is the sequel to Wilson indeed and takes us back to Sally Bennett, the car accident, shared dreams, and a divine intervention outside Davenport train station

Butterfly Assassin is the second in Steve Walsh’s series The WiFi of Dreams.

This has been a bit of a sleeper hit for me and I have to say that I have adored these two books.

In the second book, we again spend time with Wilson and his girlfriend Daisy dealing with the unexpected after effects of the events of the first book, Wilson Indeed.

This time, Steve Walsh expands the world considerably and we get to see more about other characters that were in the first series.

Initially, we learn about Sally Bennett and the life that she leads with her Aunty Kay following her release from hospital after her life is saved by Wilson.

In the first act of the book, Wilson does not play a large part as he is recovering in hospital. During this first section of the book I was wondering where the book would go and what impact Sally Bennett would have on the story. However, I should have trusted Steve Walsh and the fact that he uses every character to great effect and she becomes an integral part of the story.

In addition to this we learn more about The Market Place and the dream land is expanded exponentially.

Butterfly Assassins is another excellently written adventure that has you guessing what is going to happen. Steve Walsh has written two fantastically imaginative and immersive reads with Wilson Indeed and Butterfly Assassins, and I love how he mixes simple domesticity with the magical.

Throughout Butterfly Assassins, Steve Walsh introduces us to other characters like Balthazar, James & Mark who work for the Powers that Be as their emissaries on Earth, interweaving them into the fabric of the narrative.

I do like Steve Walsh’s writing. His writing is so engaging, and again, I think that as a Northerner, there are these little snippets in his book that make me all warm and fuzzy like when Sally’s aunty Kay asks her to pass the zapper. I can’t help but smile.

In terms of plot, I am purposefully steering away from it as I don’t want to give any spoilers, but suffice it to say, it has the same amount of complexities that will keep you hooked, turning the pages frenetically as you want to see what is going to happen next. Primarily, it concerns itself with events that occurred in Wilson Indeed and how they effect Wilson and his family as a whole. As you can guess manipulating events in The Marketplace does have some fallout and these unexpected repercussions cause havoc with those around Wilson and Daisy.

As I said at the beginning of this review, these books have been a bit of a hit with me and they inhabit that place that Mark Lawrence’s Impossible Times Trilogy inhabit in my list of favourite books. I am so glad that I was introduced to these books and I sincerely hope that there will be more in this series.

About the Author
For twenty years Steve Walsh honed his skills in prose as an advertising copywriter; the ‘ideas’ man in a Manchester based marketing agency that carried his name.
In the late 1990’s he stumbled into the world of the dotcom entrepreneur and his claim to fame is as the creator of the hotel booking service, laterooms.com and the first car insurance comparison site, easycover.com. So, the birth of Meerkats, a Welsh opera singer and being confused.com might be considered as down to him, for which he apologises. 
He now uses his vivid imagination and gentle Mancunian wit to write visionary fantasy novels with bold concepts. Wilson indeed, the first book in his trilogy The WiFi of Dreams takes the reader on a richly imagined, fact meets fiction adventure story to which we can relate and feel we can touch. A whimsical interrogation of the inexplicable and fundamental tenets of our lives – the role and meaning of dreams, the nature of the hereafter, hard and soft science, a love story – what more can you want? 
Butterfly Assassins, the second book in the trilogy, will be published in Summer 2021.
In a recent survey, 85% of people said yes to the question: “Do you believe there are things out there that science can’t explain?”
If you’re one of those 85%, you’ll love The WiFi of Dreams series.
Born and bred in the north west of England, Steve Walsh has three children and likes to fly fish in his spare time.

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