Nephilim's Hex


Hello, today I am going to be reviewing the third book in Susana Imaginário’s Timelessness series, Nephilim’s Hex.

Susana recently let me listen to the latest release in her series on Audiobook read by the fabulous Sarah Kempton, and I enjoyed it immensely. This is a great series full of Gods & Goddesses from Greek, Egyptian, Christian, Hindu and Norse Mythology in the underworld of Niflheim.




The gods are outmatched, their talents useless against the Nephilim's technology. Desperate, they turn on each other.

New alliances form and fall apart, for there can be no peace when survival is at stake.
Psyche, torn between a goddess's duty and a mortal's hate, sets off on her own to learn the truth behind her fate, unaware of the danger following her.

Meanwhile, Chronos' own agenda involves a power so dangerous and unpredictable it's been long forsaken by both the gods and the Nephilim.
Will it be worth the risk?

The Timelessness series has firmly ensconced itself in my favourite series list and with the third book, Nephilim's Hex, Susana Imaginàrio has upped the ante no end.

I recall when I wrote my review for The Dharkan, Susana Imaginàrio kindly responded to the review that I wrote explaining that if I thought The Dharkan was good (if you recall dear reader, I gave it 5💫 on Goodreads) then Nephilim's Hex was going to blow my mind Well, she was not wrong! Nephilim's Hex is a belter of a book and gosh was I surprised at this. 

One of the things that I like about this series of books is that it kind of puts me in mind of a television series and works both on the macro and the micro level, in that each book is quite contained on the one hand but there is an over arcing story that is moving towards its ultimate conclusion.

In this, the third installment of the series, we finally get to meet The Nephilim. And they are a cold race that rely on the technology that they have installed in Niflheim. There's some interesting stuff going on with the Nephilim in that their tribute is a number of human women, which fits into the mythology of the Nephilim and how they are portrayed within Christian mythology as fallen angels who were cast from heaven for having relationships with human women. 

This is one of the standouts that I love about Susana Imaginàrio's books and how she interweaves her love of mythology whilst at the same time subverting the myths to fit the story. 

Now, I am purposefully avoiding the plot as I feel that any indication of plot points in the story would unravel the silken thread of this intricately woven web and it is best that you discover these for yourself. However, what I will reveal is that there are Revelations aplenty in this book which move the story on towards its ending.

In terms of characters, we spend more time with the other players that are part of the story and only spend a small proportion with the Goddess of Snarkiness, Psyche, although she does remain prominent but in other ways. In Nephilim's Hex we spend more time with the Titan of Time, Chronos, and his new protégé, Ideth, and a new character that is introduced to us, Hecate. However, old favourites like Loki are still knocking about creating havoc (as is Loki's nature) and there is also Seshat.

Again, I was lucky enough to receive an audio book from the author (although, I have it in book format too, and I make no excuses for my obsession with this story, so there!). And again, Sarah Kempton' s wonderful narration brings the writing to life. She gives each character their own distinctive personality with their own vocalisations and mannerisms, to such a point that you can imagine the book is being played out before your eyes. 

If you haven't you haven't read the Timelessness series, why not? This is an absolute gem of a series that keeps going from strength to strength.
If you would like to add Nephilim's Hex to your Goodreads list, or check it out on Audible or Amazon click the links and they will take you there.


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