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Hello, Fantasy Book Nerds! I hope you are all having a good bank holiday and that you are all doing some bookish activities. Today, it is a cover reveal for Jim Wilbourne's new book The Seventh Cadence. This is a new book published by Emergent Realms and is out in October (look out for a review coming in October). I have to say that I am a tad excited to read this one.

Now, for those of you that don't know Jim Wilbourne, here is a bit of info about the man himself. Besides being a writer, he also has his own blog, but that is not all! Jim launched his small press, Emergent Realms in October 2020 (yes the very same one that is publishing this book and Vile & Blessed by A. H. Serrano, which I read earlier this year!). So. it has been a bit of busy time for him.

Just to mention, that there are a number of bloggers involved in this cover reveal, including my friends at Storytellers on tour, so have a look for their posts on social media too.

About Jim Wilbourne

Jim Wilbourne is a creative at heart. If he’s not writing a novel, he’s writing and recording a song, or once again trying to learn how to draw. When he’s not working on the next project, he spends his free time working on another project. He totally has a life. Jim lives in the deep south with his wife and son and doesn’t miss the snow at all. 

You can find Jim Wilbourne at all these places

The Seventh Cadence 

(The Continua Chronicles #1)

After a supernatural and unforeseen calamity shatters the tentative alliance of the five realms, the Deseran Dominion has returned to take back their homeland and restore their oppressive regime.

As the Dominion readies their troops for invasion, the fate of the entire world rests in the hands of a few young heroes with little to guide them but their own ideals. With the freedom of a kingdom at risk, each must find their place in a world torn asunder.

The Seventh Cadence is a sweeping high fantasy epic of war, found family, and reckoning with fate.

So, without much further procrastination, I think it is about time to reveal the cover







Yup! Pretty Darn Gorgeous isn't it? I have to say that I think that this is one of my favourite covers  this year.

Just to give you some more views of this cover.

If you like the look of this book, it can be pre - ordered here, or alternatively, just use the QR code below.

If you want to check out this and other books from 

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So there you have it!

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